Hip & Hop Tumble Tots

(Walking babies-age 2) (One parent/guardian will stay w/ child during this class)
This fun filled half hour class is an exciting way for your little one to gain physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance & more! Fun uptempo dance music & choreography will have your little one busting a move while our colorful Tumbling & FitNastics equipment & props will be used as your child flips, jumps, climbs & works on all the fundamentals of Tumbling & Gymnastics!

Wee Dance
(Walking babies-age 2) (One parent/guardian will participate w/ child during this class)
This fun filled half hour class is an exciting way for your little one to explore music & dance! We combine Ballet, Tap, hip-hop & fun movements that every little one will love!

(Ages 3-Adult) One of our most requested classes & most popular forms of dance today! This class features energetic & rhythmical movements including a mix of urban, street, free style & pop & lock dance moves to up-tempo music! Learn fun, funky, clean choreography for your next performance, dance, prom, event, competition or just for fun while getting a great workout too!

(Ages 18 months-teens) These classes will introduce students to basic ballet vocabulary and technique in a structured yet fun setting. Coordination, musicality, rhythm and concentration will be emphasized. Students are encouraged to explore space and enjoy dancing. Barre and floor routines and exercises will be taught in each class . Emphasis will be placed on proper technique and alignment and increasing strength and flexibility.

Dance Fusion
(Ages 5-up) This funky class is perfect for BOYS & GIRLS who love fast paced uptempo music blending 3 styles of dance! HipHop, Jazz & Tap!

(Ages 8-Adult) Developed from the inspirational dance ministry group, “3D”, this class is a blend of beautiful lyrical dance movements, intense creative movement, passionate interpretive dance, drama & emotional sign language choreographed to powerful & worshipful music.

(Ages 5-Adult) Create amazing beats with your feet as you learn clogging steps & choreography to uptempo music. Just like in all the local theaters & shows in our area clogging is even popular on shows like America’s Got Talent, Star Search, CMT Network, and So you Think You Can Dance! Clogging, once learned, can be used on any genre of music and the style is evolving every year.

(Ages 4up) Our power packed Cheer class is an excellent way for your child (whether beginner or advanced) to grow, learn & sharpen their Cheerleading skills. This class will focus on flexibility, jumps, motions, rhythm & tumbling skills while doing splits, backbends, toe touches, kicks, chants, cheers, choreographed cheer dances!

(Ages 3-Adult) This class is full of excitement & tons of fun for boys & girls of ALL ages! Tumbling teaches physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance & more. Each student will learn a variety of tumbling skills including front rolls, handstands, Front/back walkovers, cartwheels, round-offs, back handsprings, back tucks, front handsprings, aerials & much much more!

(Ages 3-Adult) FitNastics is a non stop action packed class that EVERY student loves blending Tumbling, Gymnastics, & Fitness exercises. We incorporate all the Tumbling floor drills, Gymnastics & age appropriate Fitness activities utilizing rings, parallel bars, balance beams, trampolines, cheese mats, climbing ropes & other equipment. Every student will gain power, strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, stamina & confidence.


(ONLY 8 STUDENTS per each 30min CLASS)

(Ages 5up) These SMALL GROUP PRIVATE LESSONS will include many different techniques, drills & exercises that will vastly improve your Back Handsprings, Roundoff Back Handsprings & Back Tucks. (Must have a clean roundoff, handstand & bridge to take this class)

(Ages 3-adults) What little one doesn’t love making noise with their feet? In this fun-filled exciting tap class you will develop rhythm, style & sound in a variety of styles.

Musical Theater
(Ages 5-up) No matter what kind of performer you are, Actor, Singer, Dancer, our Musical Theater program provides a foundation in confidence, presence and technique for those interested in performing on stage or in front of a camera.  Classes are designed to develop the well-rounded performer and individual wanting to become a triple threat! Musical Theater Classes will be a blend of singing, acting, dancing & improv! Drama Classes will be all acting & improv!

Ninja Parkour/Little Ninjas
(Ages 3up) Ninja Warrior type Obstacle Courses! Tumbling! FitNastics & MORE! Boys & Girls will have a blast in this class learning the fundamentals & discipline of Parkour. Blend that with flipping, jumping, climbing, hanging, rolling & tumbling on all of our tumbling/gymnastics/obstacle course equipment & you have every kids dream class!

Tiny Tumblers
(Ages 3-5) Tiny Tumblers is an action packed, colorful, unique and innovative way to teach tumbling and movement education to children. Classes are perpetual motion meaning students are motivated by keeping them constantly active the entire time they are in class! Somersaults, handstands, cartwheels, balance, coordination, strength, agility and more!